Instruction manual

4. Final test


Final test can be proposed online from the level A1.1 to B2.4

In order to do the final test online, you must be registered into your class. 

Final test online assess 3 skills  :

  • Listening 
  • Reading
  • Writing

Speaking will be done with your teacher in the classroom


In order to access your final test, you must go to your class in the section "Évaluations".

Each test is protected by a password, which your teacher will give you. A deadline will also be given, beyond the deadline you won't be able to do the test.

Devices required 

  • computer (not a smartphone or tablet) ;
  • broadband connexion ;
  • headset (to listen to the documents) ;
  • compatible browser : Google chrome / Firefox / Safari / Opera 
  • browser not compatible : Internet Explorer