Instruction manual

4. Final test

4.1. How to

First step

Please make sure you have a reliable internet connexion, the sound is working and your computer is not going to update itself. 

The final test is timed, please check the time limit on the test itself.

If time runs out, your attempt will be sent automatically.


The final test online assess three competencies :

  • Listening : you listen to audio documents and answer questions ;
  • Reading : you read a document and answer questions ;
  • Writing : writing assignment from a topic given ;

Time and mark

Each competencies is marked out of 25 points. The total mark is 100

The time given per competency is solely given for information purposes as you can browse throughout the test as you wish. However the total time is limited. If you go beyond the time frame, your attempt will be sent automatically.

Please make sure your audio equipment is working properly.

Start the test 

In order to start the test you need the key, which your teacher will give you. 

Make sure you type the key properly.


When you reach the last page, make sure you click on "Finish the test". You are also authorised to review your questions.

Then click on "Finish and send".

At last, a confirmation window will ask you a final confirmation.

You will be then redirected to the homepage and you will receive a notification.


Right click is forbidden.

The time is shown on the bottom left of the page. 

You can browse throughout the pages as you wish.