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Tendance is a method specially designed to work online. It is fully interactive and fun to use.
From level A1 to B1. Compatible with iPad and Android tablet

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Based on the CECRF, give your employees the chance to reach a B2 level.
As known as a Professional Working Proficiency level

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A blended learning approach provides ultimate flexibility in presenting content. Complex topics can be presented in the classroom, while other subject matter can be available online.

How does it actually work ?

We use the flipped classroom methodology. Outside of class, students watch videos and other multimedia materials that explain concepts much as a teacher does during a lecture. Then, in class, students work through what they watched, doing activities, participating in discussions, and asking the teacher questions to help them understand the concepts taught. The classes are done at your premises and others are done online, everybody participate together at a set time. While the rest is done online with a fully featured method.

Seven classes are organised, three of each are at your premises while the four others are done online.
All classes are synchronous, meaning everybody participates together at a set time. The rest is asynchronous, and participants do not need to adhere to a set time.

Class 7

Class 6

Class 5

Class 4

Class 3

Class 2

Class 1

Benefits of our solution

Cost effective

A blended learning approach provides the optimal training to your employees. It is cheaper than a traditional training, yet it provides a more flexible and personnal approach. Classes can even be followed directy in your employees' offices. When classes* cannot be attempted, they can rewatch recordings.

*available with online classes.

More flexibily to your employees

Let your employees choose when to learn ! From time to time, depending on your employees workload it is almost impossible to attend a 3h00 class. Instead of simply missing the classroom, allow them to choose when to do their homework. It means some of the training is synchronous, meaning everybody participates together at a set time. Others are asynchronous, and participants do not need to adhere to a set time.

9 AM Learning 5 PM
More insight

Allow more flexibility to your employees yet get more insight of their progression. Human ressources are given as special access to check the progress and comments from the tutors. At any time human ressources can check how the training goes.

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