Instruction manual

2. My class

In this chapter you will see how to make the most out the ressources available.

The menu is identical to the chapters of your book. 

Furthermore each section has extra ressources, feel free to browse :) 

Section 1 : Généralités

Ask a question to your teacher or with your classmate.

See what you are going to learn.

Extra ressources to improve your learning.

Dossier / Unité

According to your level and the book you are using, chapters are called "Dossier" or "Unit". These chapters are the same as your book.

Below the "Dossiers" from the level A1.1. In each "Dossier" you will find extra activities.


Click on the book "Vocabulaire" or search the term "Vocabulaire"


Notes from your teacher

Your teacher will upload her/his notes (within 48 hours).

You will then be able to download them.